Gorgeous Autumn Weekend

Was that not picture perfect autumn weather this past weekend? I love those cool sunny days that often make appearances this time of year. Autumn is very different from spring despite their relative similarities in the orbital period around the sun.

Autumn is bright and colorful where as spring is soft and pastel.  Both are beautiful but Autumn is a bit more dramatic as it is a shorter transition from the warmth of summer to the chill of winter.

Springtime can start as early as the end of February and runs consistently through June. Frankly, springtime is our longest season except on those occasions where we get a longer than average winter. Autumn however comes on fast in October and quickly pushes us into the cold, dark and damp of winter in about 6 weeks time.

This is it my friends, this is your last chance to get out on the trails, ride the bikes, hang out on the patios of our local waterfront restaurants. Fall doesn’t mess around in these parts. It gets cool, the leaves change over fast and furious with spectacular flashes of color and then BAM! Like a Batman punch it gets dark, dreary, cloudy, wet and even snowy.

My wife has harvested her fall squash, the zucchini bread is baked, the butternut squash soup is done, holy crap how did summer go so fast? Well the greatest summers in the whole USA are also among the shortest. Get ready Vancouver, the chill is in the air, the pumpkins are bright and orange, and autumn is in top gear.


Sunshower Season

Well how about that peek-a-boo sunshine, showers that can’t make up their mind and mild afternoons. Such is the story in America’s Vancouver as the early days of October tick off and the chill autumn lurks in the very near distance. Oh how I love the autumn. Summer is great but fall has that amazing seasonal change you can hear, feel, see, and smell.

The trees are starting to flash that autumn color and soon the hills, mountains and neighborhoods will all be a blaze in the natural hues of fall. It is just too delicious. In the coming weeks I will no doubt fail to resist taking images of the transition between the warmth of summer and cold of winter.

As quickly as I embrace the cool showery weather as a respite from the heat of a short but toasty summer, soon we all will start sighing at the rainy season. “When will it end”? our queries will linger just a few months from now.

But I would love to be able to share some of our abundant and timely showers with our fellow Americans down in Northern California. A city I once lived in, Santa Rosa, CA is getting hammered by multiple wildfires that have actually breached the urban core and wiped out entire neighborhoods of homes and businesses. This is a one of the worst urban fires our nation has ever seen. Hundreds if not thousands of people have lost their homes, livelihoods, and in a reported ten cases, they have lost their lives. May the good Lord share some of our wet rain to help put these awful fires out.

Our prayers here in the Original Vancouver go out to all those afflicted by these horrible fires. We wish safety and health to all affected. God bless those police and fire responders out there in the thick of things getting people out to safety while risking their own lives to do so.

Yes, the ‘Couv’ Life is good, let’s share the love and send good blessings south be it donations, help, or prayers.

There are a lot of Oregon Ducks Here!

By “Ducks” I mean University of Oregon “Ducks” fans. Both of Oregon’s Pac 12 schools are located within 100 miles of Portland and as such nearly as close to the ‘Couv’ In fact both Oregon and Oregon State are closer than either of Washington’s Pac 12 Colleges. UW and Wazzu which are 168 and 352 miles away respectively.

I have oft opined about the conveniences of our proximity to a major city, you know ‘ole’ whats-er-face… um… yeah, Portland 😉 But we are also bombarded with Oregon this and Oregon that. Yes it can wear a bit thin on the psyche at times, right? Hey we are in Washington State over here!

Well let me say this, whether you are a fan of U of O or not, you ought to experience a football game at Autzen at least once. That place is crazy. My wonderful friend, Eric is a season ticket holder, a legit dyed in green and yellow fan. He has invited me on a few occasions to witness the spectacle that is Duck Football.

They really put on a show. The 55,000 Duck fans make as much noise as they do in ‘The Big House’ of Michigan which is twice the size of Autzen, holding some 110,000 fans. I know this blog is called, “The ‘Couv’ Life” but let’s face it, you will see more Oregon Ducks sports gear in our stores than you do WSU or UW.  Anyone looking for a big time college football experience ought to take in a game at Autzen. Even if your favorite team is somewhere else go see them when they visit Eugene, you won’t regret it. As a note of caution, should your Alma Matter or favorite school happen to be the University of Washington, leave the purple swag at home 😉

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good, even on the road 🙂