A Goodbye to the Mother of Apples

The Columbian newspaper reported Saturday, the oldest living apple tree in Washington State, planted more than 194 years ago is no longer “living.”  The nearly two century old tree was planted back when the Hudson’s Bay Company was operating nearby Fort Vancouver. The Fort Itself was the first real European settlement in the Pacific Northwest.

Old Apple Tree Park image source City of Vancouver

The tree has had a small park built around it with a fence around the tree to protect it for many years. The Old Apple Tree park is the south terminus for the famed “land bridge” over SR 14 connecting the Fort Vancouver National Park site to the waterfront along Columbia Way.

The article mentions that the main trunk of the tree has died, but the root structure should live on for a couple more centuries continuing to produce new tree sprouts. Hopefully they will find a way to preserve the remains of the tree as it is a bit of a historical landmark here in America’s Vancouver. Although natural living trees that predate all local Euro-American culture are all over the area, in the form of old growth Fir trees and such, this was not only the oldest living apple tree in Washington State, it was likely one of the oldest living things, planted by Euro-Americans in the entire Pacific Northwest. To think that tree saw the rise and fall of Hudson’s Bay Company and then the rise of Vancouver as an American city rather than a British settlement. It watched Vancouver grow from 19,000 people in 1940 to over 80,000 in 1943, most of the activity just a short walk away from this tree. The apple tree is very close to the Kaiser Shipyards facility that employed nearly 40,000 people at the height of WWII producing light aircraft carriers and liberty ships. Oh the things that tree has seen. The very best and worst of humanity over the eons.

Vancouver’s Old Apple Tree has died. Perhaps this crazy year we call 2020 was a fitting time for the old girl to take leave of this world. Here is a link to the Columbian article.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good. So long, Old Apple Tree, what a ride you had.

Pleasant Day for all the Dad’s

My two sons and I at the waterfront.

Miss Spring went out kicking and screaming right down to the bitter end on the solstice throwing down cool temps and showers. She can be feisty that one. Summer is just rolling her eyes, almost as if to say, “are you done now?” Later this week summer may just have to make her point with some upper 80s and maybe even some scattered 90s and tell Miss Spring her tantrum is over and to “go your room” 😉 So goes the long and both flirtatious and tumultuous affair with spring-time in the ‘Couv’.

Fathers day was in a word: pleasant. It was warm but not hot, a cool breeze and relaxing atmosphere. Not too many dads can complain about that day. Get ready for a week of warmer weather as summer will flex a bit pushing temps well into the 80s. I won’t say rain is done for the season, but it could be.

Now that Vancouver is in Phase II of the Covid 19 reopening, be sure to hit the restaurants, pubs, breweries, and other businesses that have been locked out over the last 3 months! They desperately need some cash flow. Many of our wonderful locally owned establishments didn’t make it through. Those that survived need help so get out and enjoy dining and drinking out, follow the rules stay safe and let’s all do our part to keep our community moving forward.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good, Phase II and on the move.

Looks like summer will arrive, right on time

That pesky ‘Rose Festival’ low pressure arrived on schedule even though the Rose Festival has been postponed due to COVID-19. Showers, rain, and thunder-storms all participated in this year’s festivities. The “official” start of summer is June 20 and our weather appears to be ready for the switch. Look at this NWS forecast as the week progresses towards the ‘real’ summer some does the weather.

Spring is flirtatious and angry at times. But summer is much more relaxed. The weather beyond the solstice tends to do what we say, you know, all sunshine and sweetness. Get ready folks it’s coming soon.

Clark County is cautiously moving into Phase II of the Governor’s reopening plan. There has been a pent up demand for at least some form of ‘normal’ socializing. I believe that people need in person socialization and at least now we can get some of that back. Obviously we do not want to get lazy and fall back into the normal routines as we still need to snap out of the grip of COVID-19. Soon the doctors and scientists will come up with a vaccine or a solid treatment for the virus so we can resume a more normal and healthy human experience.

If you can get out be sure to visit restaurants as much as possible, they are operating at partial capacity so it is critical that they stay consistently busy. We are very fortunate to have such a great array of dining and drinking establishments, but they need us now more than ever. Try going at off peak hours to help them maintain a flow of revenue. We as a community can play a major role in saving small businesses that are on the brink due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.