New Administration Hints at COVID Relaxing

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Today is Martin Luther King Day. The late reverend King is a pivotal figure in American history. Today should not be the only day we remember the efforts of those who brought about meaningful change in America to end horrific government sponsored practices of segregation, and discrimination. America is a better nation as a result of the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr. Read about him here.

The incoming Biden Administration has hinted at relaxing  federal guidelines for COVID-19. Hopefully this will translate to similar actions down the line to the state level and ultimately the local level as well. 2020 was a politically charged year where politicians were making COVID decisions based as much on politics as medical science. That may end shortly after January 20th as the President will no longer be in heated opposition to the House and the news media at large.

Although COVID-19 should still be taken seriously, a little less over reach would do us all well. People need to get back to work and the country is craving a return to a more normal life. This includes students, and workers along all economic ranges. Let’s hope 2021 brings us at least a partial return to “normal” as the vaccine rolls out, and caseloads drop.

COVID-19 claimed yet another great restaurant this week. The Grant House Restaurant will not reopen. I loved that place actually, the Officer’s Row restaurant occupied space in a beautifully restored 172 year old home at Fort Vancouver. The Grant House was built in 1849 while Ulysses S. Grant was stationed there. Although the house is named in his honor, the former President never actually resided in the house that bares his name. Maybe after the pandemic passes another restauranteur will open up at the fantastic spot.

Vancouver as I mentioned last week has had nary a flake of snow. Even the foothills that are typically caked in a few feet of snow are nearly bare. But the weather prognosticators are suggesting a colder setup is working into play late this week and the possibility of some real winter weather lurks on the horizon. Whether or not we see widespread snowfall down in the valleys, we can expect more typical winter snow levels dipping down under 1000 feet. Those of you living up in the foothills, winter is not over… stay tuned.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.

Zero Snowfall this Year… So Far

I have had nary a flake of snowfall this season despite a couple of really chilly rainfalls. We have been in this ‘pineapple express’ pattern for a few weeks now and that seems to be the case as this new week unfolds. In fact the mid-term forecast doesn’t show any significant cold weather events on the horizon.

I mentioned late last year  on my weather blog, that I haven’t had a zero snowfall year since 2004-05 when nothing more than a few flurries fell and none of it stuck to the ground. I have not seen even a flurry this year although maybe there was one or two in the wee hours whilst I was sleeping. one never knows really.

We are not in the clear snowfall wise until at least mid-March but as January concludes the odds of any sticking snow declines rapidly. My records here, now in my 20th year in East Vancouver show that 61% of snowfall comes in December and January. February brings roughly 23%. So if we are getting any kind of snow action this season we are running out of time.

The last few seasons however February has been the snow producer, with Feb 2020 a notable exception. You snow haters your halfway through with a big fat zero, you snow lovers, time to start the snow rituals you’re running out of time 😉

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good, snow or no snow.

Happy New Year!

Are you glad 2020 is over? Hope this series of new vaccines wipes COVID-19 off the face of the Earth? You are not alone. As of this writing. the partial lockdown is scheduled to end today, let’s hope it does and 2021 can start off better than 2020 ended.

Here in the ‘Original’ Vancouver our winters are not ideally suited to outdoor dining so let’s get back inside, shall we 🙂 Several exciting projects Downtown and on the Waterfront are nearing completion including the Indigo Hotel with an El Gaucho restaurant and the adjacent Kirkland Tower condo project. I look forward to touring those condos. 2021 should see a flurry of completed projects and an equal or greater number of new starts. Our city center is being transformed into a great urban space that should provide city wide benefits for decades to come. You can follow along with the progress at: Urban Living in the ‘Couv’.

Happy New Year, Vancouver!