The Nice Weather Comes a Week Late :)

Oh that dastardly Murphy and his dang-blasted “law.” Both major school districts here in America’s Vancouver enjoyed spring break last week, not under warm spring sunshine, but rather chilly and March like weather. A couple of days last week failed to get into the 50s and that is not very April-like, now is it?

This week promises to be better, just in time for the kiddies to return to school or quasi school, which ever 😉 The weather prognosticators are predicting a week full of delicious sunshine and temps in the 60s, maybe even 70s. Yummy.

Will this spring weather bring some new real estate listings to our tight market? I hope so, lots of people want to move here from lots of different places ranging from Portland to Seattle and even from other states. As they arrive they are greeted with multiple offers well over asking on just about every single listing they find. Let’s hope some sellers decide to sell this spring so we can have a bit more balance in the real estate market.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good… so good everyone wants a piece of the action.

Spring Break in the ‘Couv’

Both the Evergreen School District and Vancouver School District here in America’s Vancouver are on spring break. Spring Break in the ‘Couv’ is not the wild and crazy time like those found in Florida with rampaging college kids showboating, peacocking, and drinking to the extremes on white sand beaches. Here in the ‘Couv’ spring break is just a week off for the kiddies and a more reserved and quiet experience for the most part.

It looks like the the weather is going to be rather nice the first half of the week and a bit showery as the week progresses. Plan accordingly. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and it was a pleasant if not slightly cool for the various observances of the holiday. As we roll on through spring we should start to see some of the traditional outdoor activities return. With COVID on the decline and less restrictions on outdoor activity the Farmer’s Market and other outdoor events should see a return to action.

I’m looking forward to this summer as last summer was a bit of a bust due to the pandemic. There is so much going on Downtown and on the new waterfront. If you are into the restaurant scene, there are several new establishments opening this spring and summer including DosAlas, El Gaucho, and several others on the Waterfront and Downtown. Hundreds of new apartment and condo units will come to market this summer and that will add to the urban buzz in the city center.

For those wondering about the former Red Lion at the Quay and the cruise ship landing at Terminal One there is good news. The remaining sections of the old hotel will be demolished sometime this year and at some point in the next few years the entire 110 year old dock will be replaced and a new public market will ultimately open on the site. The cruise ship landing is being replaced right now. The blue mobile crane in front of the AC Marriott hotel currently under construction are not part of the new hotel project but rather the reconstruction of the landing which will include a beautiful new public space. That new space will take a few years to complete. Meanwhile the new AC Hotel should be ready early next year. Terminal One when built out mid decade will be a fabulous public space and will connect the renaissance trail to the waterfront park. To follow along with developments not he Waterfront and Downtown, be sure to follow “Urban Living in the Couv.”

Things are Perking Up

Now that Clark County has moved into Phase 3 of the reopening, more people seem to be out and about. This may be as much about the spring weather as it is about relaxing restrictions. It was good to see people enjoying the waterfront and Downtown on Friday night. Our much beleaguered dining and drinking establishments have to be happy about it.

This week we shall see that classic March yo-yo as snow levels plummet to a 1000 feet and then spring back up above the passes. boing, boing… There are several projects Downtown and on the Waterfront nearing completion and some great new dining establishments that will follow them. I am excited about the summer and I hope you all are as well.

I had to bring the lawn mower out of hibernation for the first time this year. We had enough hours in the upper fifties or higher in March to get my lawn excited. That old mower has been sleeping since Halloween. That is my official spring moment, the first mowing of the year!

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