Chilly Yet So Nice!

Daytime highs stuck in the 40s is more of a November thing but we got a dose over the weekend in October. But what a gorgeous day it was Sunday anyhow with crystal blue skies and good visibility. Down south in California they are having red flag warnings and warm temps, but a beautiful day need not be one at 80 degrees with shorts and flip flops. In fact those are great in the season they belong… SUMMER, but autumn should be cool and crisp and that is where we come in πŸ™‚

Although is was chilly over the weekend things will get back to a more typical pattern for late fall this week with highs in the 50s and chilly but not freezing nights. Look at that NWS forecast, that’s a solid looking week!

This week is Halloween and in theory the change over to Standard Time from Daylight Time. But Washington passed a law designed to keep us permanently on Daylight time. The Feds have yet to approve the variance so will we change back out clocks? As of now it seems we will revert back to Standard time on Sunday, November 1st. But this could be the last time. I’m not sure I agree with this as having sunrise at 8:48 AM on December 21st seems a bit odd. Having kids going to school in the dark seems silly. But we shall see if this thing actually happens in 2021.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good, even in the dark πŸ˜‰

Fall Color is Late…

Is it just me or is our autumn leaf parade a bit late this year? 2020 has been a wild one for sure, but even the trees? My colorful trees have not begun to turn yet and we are well past the halfway point of October. I wonder if all that smoke and haze from the big fires this year wreaked some havok on the tree cycle? I’ll have to run out to the gorge and see what’s up out there.

I love autumn hues and falling leaves, it makes for a lovely transition of seasons that is arguably the most obvious; at least in most years πŸ˜‰ The weather is cool but comfortable and October is just a great month.

Locally Downtown added a few more tower cranes to the skyline as projects continue to rise up both Downtown and the Waterfront. Even with COVID 19 slowing things down, projects are still pushing their way through the system and more cranes are on the way as two big urban projects were in the CCRA review last Thursday. If things stay steady, we should have 8-10 cranes poking up on the skyline over the next several months.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.

There it is… Autumn

It’s chilly, it’s wet, it’s Autumn! Yes friends the season is turning and it’s a welcome sight. I feel like our Fall color may be underwhelming this year, I have no technical reason to say that, I just feel it somehow. It’s not really shaping up, or is it? You never know with nature on this one. I do enjoy Autumn with the color full change of season and the crisper air. Those nights are rapidly getting shorter and darker as we meander our way towards the inevitable winter.

Former Tommy O’s location from the Columbian

There has been a few news stories reported in local media outlets that are encouraging. A new upscale restaurant in the former Tommy O’s location at 8th and Washington called The Sedgwick, with a nod to the original owner of the building, a woman that was Vancouver’s first and only female doctor at the time is encouraging, I was sad to see Tommy O’s close. For you Tommy O’s fans he is still operating his Camas location. The new Dos Salas restaurant should be opening soon above Wildfin at the Waterfront.

For those of you that are not subscribed to “Urban Living in the ‘Couv'”, there are some lively construction projects underway that will help keep Vancouver’s Downtown and Waterfront expansion pushing ever forward. The tower crane forΒ  the new mixed use project with Holland HQ and apartments is going up now and another is being setup at Terminal one for the AC Marriot Hotel. The city is moving numerous urban projects through the permitting process, many of these will continue our skyline transformation that has been evolving at seeming exponential rates.

With The Terminal one project and Waterfront Block 20 rising up and plans for Blocks 17, 18, and 16 working through the system, Vancouver’s skyline when viewed from Hayden Island will span all the way from the Interstate Bridge to the Port of Vancouver Terminal Two in a contiguous line of mid-rise and high rise buildings. A transformation that will look like decades have passed yet all of this over the course of just the last few years.