Dashing to the finish in the ‘Couv’

Yet another year shall pass into oblivion. Many might think good riddance to 2016 and all the divisive, angry, and nasty politics it brought with it. Here in America’s Vancouver we can slide into 2017 with smiles and joy because regardless of who occupies the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania, we all get to live here in the mighty ‘Couv’.

As expected, the odds prevailed our Christmas was nay white. It was not wet either so here in the valleys we had a partly sunny, green Christmas with nice crisp high around 35-39 degrees. Now we shall sprint to the finish this week to bid adieu to 2016.

I have always thought of this as the most unproductive week in the world. Seriously, the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Very few people are focused on productivity. It is a week of reflection on so many different levels and we should all try to take solace in the positive aspects of our lives rather than the negatives. No matter what the circumstances, there is light in the tunnel and even if that light turns out to be on the nose of an oncoming freight train, be happy you were able to step aside and let the train pass.

Let us all hope that 2017 will be a more tolerant year, a more festive year, simply, a better year. Saturday night will be the last hurrah of 2016 and those of you feeling the urge to engage in revelry and adult beverages are well advised to consider the many options of travel now available. You know, Uber, Lyft, the old-fashioned Taxi, or the classic use of a designated driver. Stay safe and be alive for the wonders that await in 2017.

Vancouver’s Masquerade Ball is returning this year for a third time at the Hilton downtown. That could be fun. They have a Facebook page with all the info you need, here. No need to brave the perilous bridges in to the void of the weird at our southern neighbor, unless weird is your thing. Vancouver’s own grand masquerade takes place at the Hilton right across the street from the spot the mayor did not build a holiday ice rink 😉


That’s all I got this week, I did say it was a week of questionable productivity. I wrote that 😉

And so for the final time in 2016, I’ll leave you with this…

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good. It will continue being good in 2017. Happy New Year!


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