Hello 2017, where have you been all my life?

Right here, yes it is 2017 in the ‘Couv’ and in fact everywhere on this Earth. Happy New year to all and best wishes on a strong, prosperous, and healthy 2017.

2016 as you all may remember arrived with a snowy start and interestingly, it left the same way 🙂 Most of America’s Vancouver saw at least a little bit of white fluffy precipitation on New Year’s Eve. But my friends let it be known, this week is going to be genuinely chilly. Legit cold in fact as today is the start of a frigid arctic slide into the freezer where our temps will drop into the teens Downtown and single digits on the fringes. No matter how hard ‘El Sol’ tries, he will not break the chill as we are unlikely to bust out of the freezer till the weekend. Twenties and low thirties under bright but deceptive sunshine is the order of the week. If that east wind blows like the weather guys say it might, then we could be in for some perilous wind chills.

December 16th, 2016

I went out to Oregon’s Multnomah Falls with the family late last week and much to my surprise the weather doesn’t seem to curb people’s appetite for a big waterfall experience. There was still quite a bit of snow on the ground but it was pouring down rain and yet hundreds of tourists were soaking up that winterscape view of the waterfall and classic lodge. At least they had gotten round to clearing the walkways of snow. Last time I was there a few weeks earlier you needed snow shoes to get around. That also failed to deter hundreds of tourists from taking in the view. Isn’t the Gorge amazing, it’s just a couple dozen klicks east and yet the weather is sharply cooler and more wintry than we are here in the Original Vancouver.

picture of couple and lodge
My son Kyle home for the Holidays from the Army and his girlfriend at Multnomah Falls Lodge, 12-27-2016, Photo by Nolan Sager

The Columbia River Gorge is just another spectacle of nature we are so blessed to have in our proverbial, backyard.

Anyone notice how the toll on the Bridge of the Gods has sneaked up to $2? How many times have they paid that bridge off, anyway? This is government for you. Oh I’m sure they are using that cash for good stuff… like housing for homeless squirrels or something. Don’t ever let them start tolling the two bridges between the ‘Couv’ and Portlandia. Just say no to tolls! Don’t let them do it!


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