OK, How Many of You Tuned Out the 4th Qtr?

So yesterday was the unofficial national holiday known as Super Bowl Sunday. Of course we had two teams vying for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. One team The Atlanta Falcons have been around 51 years and have never managed to acquire the trophy, the other a titan of the NFL that has nearly made the Super Bowl their own annual event.

Here in America’s Vancouver, we really didn’t have a team in the fight. The local favorite is the Seattle Seahawks who were eliminated by the Falcons a few weeks ago in the Divisional Round. I have noticed that our local area has a large number of Green Bay Packers fans, but they were also eliminated by the Falcons in the NFC Championship Game. So I think the locals came down to cheering for or against the juggernaut New England Patriots. The Falcons do not have much of a fan base locally here in the Northwest.

I was cheering on the Falcons as the “underdog”. So needless to say up until midway through the fourth quarter of play, it was looking like the underdog would carry day. How many people tuned out the 4th quarter? After all the Falcons had what seemed to be an indomitable lead of 28-3 as the third quarter was winding down.

The Patriots scored a touchdown as the 3rd period ended to close the gap to 28-9. The missed extra point seemed to be an indicator that the football gods were not shining upon Brady and company this day. Early in the 4th, the Patriots ended a solid drive settling for a field goal to make the score 28-12 with 9:44 to play. Again the football gods appeared to favor the Falcons.

But the coaching staff on the Falcons side played soft protecting a lead rather than continuing to apply the pressure that got them the lead in the first place. And the fourth quarter offensive clock management was absolutely pathetic. The Falcons were leaving 10-15 seconds on the play clock instead of using all of it up. They easily left an extra 2 minutes for Tom Brady to use and as it turns out he used them all and quite effectively.

For those of us in the ‘Couv’ who likely would have remained indoors yesterday anyhow, what with that icy cold rain and snow mix, we were treated to NFL history. This game will go down as the greatest of all 51 Super Bowls and love him or hate him, Brady will wear the crown of legends for perpetuity as the best QB ever to play.

That does not make this Raiders fan happy as it was Tom “Tuck” Brady that denied the best of the Gannon led Raiders teams to a playoff loss back in 2001 that nearly everybody outside of Boston, and many in Boston, know was a Raiders victory “stolen” by the men in stripes. The only place I hold grudges is in sports. So the outcome was not what I wanted, but it was nothing short of spectacular. Hopefully this amazing comeback will resonate among the NFL coaches that utilize the ridiculous ‘protect the lead’ strategy.

Congratulations to Tom “Tuck Boy” Brady on engineering the greatest comeback in NFL history and shame on those of you that stopped watching this game. The legends of the NFL, guys like Kenny Stabler, Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre, Joe Montana, and yes even Tom Brady are never out of a game, ever. Super Bowl LI is the case in point.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life, it is good, even when Tom Brady wins the big game.


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