Marching into Spring?

I queried the season about a month ago when I asked, “To Spring or not to Spring”. Here we are now wrapping up week one of the fickle month of March and it seems like chilly continues to be the theme thus far.

Will this be one of those winters that tugs on cape of Miss Spring? Will the cool damp weather linger into June? Ah who cares, cold or warm, wet or dry you still get to hang out in America’s Vancouver, right?

March is ever so undecided. It’s like a competition between winter and spring for supremacy of nature. The little  dusting I got this morning has secured a stand alone spot on the podium of snowy winters here at my house dating to 2001. A solid bronze performance as the third snowiest winter season since ’01.

Several years ago on this very blog I wrote a post that ponders the springtime here in the original Vancouver. Since the gig that pays the bills is tugging at my cape, I’ll borrow a bit from that post.

Ah the ‘Couv’ Life; it is good.

Originally posted right here in April, 2013 by Rod Sager


“Springtime loves to tempt us with her glimpses of summer and tantalizing teases of bright sunshine.  Lured we are from the warmth of our sweaters and jeans into shorts and sandals.  A collective sigh of relief that the darkness has passed is released by us all. Thousands of smiles radiating across the city offer hope for better weather ahead.

Fickle is the spring in the Great Northwest.  The delightful flutter of fresh breezes abruptly turns to a frigid wind with flurries of dainty white crystals falling from the sky.  Quickly the denizens flee back to the wool and down feathers that brought them comfort a few months before.  The winter is not severe, but it is ever so long.  “When will it end?”  We query the spring.

Flowers begin to appear all around us.  First the plums, then the cherries and soon all the rest will bloom with a glorious announcement that the winter is behind us.

A glance out the window in the wee days of April, yields visions of snowflakes;  “Wait a minute, are those cherry blossoms blowing in the breeze?”  Later and later we wander towards summer.  Now there are stretches of many days with the flaming orb fusing hydrogen into helium while warming us well into the 70s.

Flirtatious is the springtime, for May and June will deliver changeable weather ahead.  A touch of blue sky, then squalls of rain.  Back and forth the battle will rage until Miss Spring hears her signal to retreat.  The Star Spangled booms of Independence Day herald our warm, dry and wonderful summer.

So for now and until the call of July, we shall endure her banter and seductive peek a boo sun.  Perhaps we shall flirt back at Miss Spring with our windows open and car tops down.  “A dare”  She shouts back.  Miss Spring doubles down with thunder and hail.  So goes the days of our spring, a time to rejoice in the bounty and power of God and Nature.”



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