Hello Spring!

Washougal River from Sandy Swimming Hole

At 3:28 this morning, no I was not awake 😉 the Vernal equinox happened! It is now officially springtime. The past winter decided to kick and scream all the way to the finish, and I am not convinced the old man won’t over reach a bit with another chilly snap before the month is through. But as of today we will start enjoying days that are longer than nights. This will continue until the end of spring when the days will be twice as long as the nights, and it happens real fast north of the 45th.

I was over in Washougal yesterday and shot this pic of a full Washougal River. I know, I know, it’s called the ‘Couv’ Life not ‘Washougal Living’. It’s close enough  to call home anyhow.

The trees are just now starting to bud out. The plum-tree in front of my house typically would be flowering by now, but not this year. Yesterday the sun shined nicely after a crisp 30 degrees in the morning. The weather guys are saying the rain will be back this week, again.

Spring is a time of renewal for nature and for us. It is also a gorgeous time of year. Early in the Vernal cycle, the sun shines on all that snow packed up on the foothills. The big volcanoes are shimmering in the light with the heavy mantle of winter still in place. What a vista it creates. It can take your breath away. Then as spring moves forward the flowers will bloom on nearly every tree and shrub in the area. Although some may say that Autumn is prettier, it is a harbinger of dark and gloomy times, whereas Spring is the herald of summertime! Sunshine and warm days lie ahead, whether they come early or late, come they will. Spring is a welcome sight for all who seek solace from the long dreary winter.

Your solace has arrived, my friends, it is in fact, springtime! And so this year the rains may persist for a time, but it is this refreshing water that yields our very green abundance and carries the beauty through the heat of summer. Do not lament the showers, embrace them. The life-giving water brings forth all that makes the west side of the cascade alive and lush. Paradise is green and full of life. Hey that sounds like us, right?

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good and now it is spring!


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