Here Comes the Sun… Maybe

plum trees in bloomWhat a winter we just had. Spring is taking her sweet time arriving but lo and behold, the plum and cherries are blooming now. I was out and about yesterday doing some garden shopping with my wife and spring was flashing that ever so welcome palette of pastels on the plums and cherries. About a month late this time round I’d say. Although we were greeted to a glorious sunrise this morning under mostly clear skies it was a tad on the chilly side for April. I had a 33° low mark.

Oddly there was no frost this morning and that means we still have that cold dry air rather than warmer moist air. Notice how dry your skin is these days. Almost like wintertime yet the calendar is proudly display April.

Silver Star and LarchThe old farmers anecdote about freezing weather and frost is tied to the presence of snow up atop Silver Star and take a peek, there is still a thin mantle up there. Gardeners beware those sensitive plantings may need to wait a few more weeks. You here that wifey 😉

On Saturday, I wrote my April weather column and bemoaned the fact that my station has yet to achieve a seventy degree mark. This is the first time since 2011 I have failed to reach that magical 70° by the end of March. Does this mean we are going to remain chilly all the way to June like we did in ’11? I hope not! Even my rain loving wife was getting a bit grumpy by mid June that year 🙂

Oh so fickle is the spring time! I am itching to get in my wife’s little convertible and hit the road with the wind in my hair. I’m sure the classic car crowd here in the ‘Couv’ wants to scratch that same itch. It doesn’t take much of a sun break to get those guys waxing and shining the hot rod and cruising it down the streets of the ‘Couv’.

Well, we just have to be patient. 70° is coming and probably sooner rather than later. There is something magical about that first warm day that let’s us all know that sunshine and pleasant weather is on the way and the greatest summer weather on the planet will soon arrive. We do have to get past the itchy watery eyes and stuffy moses of our abundant flowering spring first.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good. Even this afternoon’s sunny skies can’t get us out of the 50s.


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