Where’s Our 70?

Fruit blossoms in the yard on Saturday

Um…what the heck is going on this year? I have an automated weather station here at my house and have been keeping pretty consistent records for this locale since 2002. This is the longest gap between 70 degree days I have ever seen. The last time the mercury topped the 70° mark, was way back on September 28th, 2016. My friends that is well over 6 months ago. Did we seriously just vaporize more than half a flippin’ year with nary a seventy on the books? Yes, yes we did, at least I did here in East Vancouver. I have had a few close calls mind you. I had a rogue day in the high 60s that came in early November and a few of 60s this spring, but holy refrigerated trucks, Batman, it’s April 17th and we haven’t had a warm day yet. Those crazy weather boffins at the NWS thought yesterday was going to get close with a 69 listed as the forecast. That was a bit short, as I saw only 63.7°.

So what does it all mean? Are we going to have a cool summer to compliment our fairly chilly winter we just had? Who knows, we could have a real scorcher for all I know. The trees are taking their sweet time leafing out. It has been a long time since I remember seeing so many trees still in that winter dormant look all they way into April. Worry not my friends for spring is here and soon we will enjoy those warm days and comfortable evenings afforded to us in the Northwest, every year. Notice how late that sun lingers, well you know the sun is there behind the cloudy blanket 😉 It is still light out now past 8pm and as we march towards the summer, that light will continue to linger into the late evening hours. I can almost taste it now.

The other day I heard a bunch of honking geese. I looked up and they were flying south. I scratched my head and then hollered at them, you’re going the wrong way you knuckleheads. I don’t think they understood 😉 Maybe they were confused maybe they figured out later and turned back around. This has been a confusing time for the animals and the plants for sure.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good, even when nature is all twisted up like a pretzel.


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