Spring May Up Her Game this Week

The National Weather Service in Portland is suggesting that a pair of eighties may be on tap for the middle of the week. Old man Winter has held a tight grip with lingering effects all season and Miss Spring has been bludgeoned with cooler air masses and a definitive lack of warm days. But May is here and Spring is sending in a pinch hitter get things going mid way to summer. Yes friends if the forecast holds a little July-ish weather will warm us into the low 80s this week and anything above 70° at my house will be the first such warmth since September of last year more than seven months ago! That has to be some kind of record drought for warm days. Fargo, North Dakota is known for notoriously cold and long winters; they hit 70 a MONTH ago!

Are you all ready for some summery spring weather? Of course you are! I bet the Farmer’s Market will welcome some “real” spring weather. We all will soak up whatever rays of sunshine the heavens are willing to provide. Let’s get ready for shorts and tees as 80’s appear to be a real possibility starting on Wednesday afternoon.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good. And it’s about to get a little of that El Sol de San Diego vibe  😉


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