Construction on the Waterfront Development Seems Slow, but Don’t be Fooled

Newspaper image of construction site
image from The Columbian

That headline could be a symptom of an illusionary situation. It does seem that there was this bustling rush of activity as giant holes were dug into the ground to prep for the tall and shiny new structures along the waterfront. But last week I buzzed through the area and there was still just a bunch of really deep block sized holes in the ground. I realize that sometimes things are happening that are not readily apparent to the unaided eye. I’m hoping that is the case here as I for one am certainly excited about the revival of Vancouver USA’s amazing waterfront.

Newspaper image of waterfront construction
image from The Columbian

One thing I did notice the other day when coming across the Interstate Bridge was the pilings going in for the Grant Street Public Pier. This is a supposed to be a cable suspension pier but I imagine these pilings are designed to hold everything in place until the suspension pieces are done and able to support the structure. The pier is going to be very cool my friends, very cool. That project may be finish in time for next Spring!

This is a large project that will cover more than 20 blocks when built out. Much of the underground and infrastructure needs to go in before any buildings can start to rise up. This may give an illusion that nothing is happening. The photos from the Columbian Newspaper tell a different story.

Now we need to start courting some anchor tenants for these office buildings. Some large corporate HQ types wanting to relocate to Income Tax free Washington State and they can enjoy spectacular river and mountain views.

This will start “rising” real soon and we should be delighted to have our waterfront reclaimed.

Ah, the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.



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