Triple Digit Invasion! It Just Came out of Nowhere!

This past weekend was a real flame thrower. After a mild week the weekend just exploded into a full on summer blast from the furnace. El Sol was angry! I had 96 on Saturday and when it was still 80 degrees at 11 pm, I knew… I knew those weather guys were onto something about Sunday! I took a peek at the thermometer around 8am and it was already 75 degrees. Holy heat wave Batman here it comes. At 2pm yesterday my station topped out at a blistering 103.4°.

That sizzlin’ afternoon high was the hottest since I set my station’s all time record high of 106.1° on July 29, 2009. It is also the first 100 degree mark at my house since July 30th, 2015. Saturday was actually quite nice, there was a coolish breeze that kept that 95 feeling more like 85. No such pleasure was to be found yesterday however until the evening hours brought that cool west breeze.

Well today is quite a different story and dare I say I saw that coming too. The high came early around 2pm and by 9pm it had cooled down to around 80°, then shed another fifteen degrees by midnight. Yes today is much better despite some thunderstorms rumbling about.

So here we are leading into the final week of June with summer weather in the forecast and the 4th of July just on the horizon. What will the holiday bring? We have big changes in the fireworks laws for the city proper. Vancouver wiped out fireworks completely. No more aerial assault which should make some people happy and others angry.

The county areas however including 40% of the residents of the ‘Couv’ will still have the similar rules as years past and no doubt will send masses of sparks and booms into the night sky for the 241st celebration of Independence Day. Remember if all the yahoos had just limited the discharge of fireworks to the weekend of the 4th instead of blowing them off every day for a month, the city would likely have left the laws as they were. As is typical throughout humanity, a relative few knuckleheads ruin everything for everyone and ultimately ruin things for themselves in the process.

Hello summer how the hell are ya?

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good. And for the next 75 days or so it has the best weather on planet Earth.


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