Mid-Day Traffic

You will see me writing about our superior traffic and overall general ‘betterness’ here in the ‘Couv’ versus our larger southern neighbor Stumptown USA. But there are times during the week that Portland traffic settles down a bit and can be almost bearable. Comparing 5pm weekday travel times  between Vancouver USA and Rip City is a slaughterfest for us North of the Columbia. And on weekends it can be even worse for our Oregonian neighbors. But in the middle of the day during the week whilst all the busy bees are working at their desks, Portland is almost navigable.

I just ran some Google travel times and here are my results:

  • Washougal to Esther Short Park, Vancouver : 17 miles, 21 minutes 11:00 AM; 49mph
  • Troutdale to Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland : 16.7 miles, 25 minutes at 11:02 AM; 41mph
  • Esther Short Park to PDX 11:10 AM : 11 miles, 15 minutes; 44mph
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square to PDX 11:11AM : 12.1 miles, 20 minutes; 36.3mph
map of metro portland
11:30 AM Monday

Look at that, Portland is only a little bit slower on average speed than we are right now in the Monday morning pre-noon hour. So there you have it my friends if you need to traverse the treacherous waters of the mighty Columbia and travel across the bridges to Portlandia, late morning seems to be the winning ticket.

If you want to do so on the weekend, well that is an entirely different matter altogether. best to stay put here in the north in such circumstances methinks.

Here in America’s Vancouver we have so much we do not have to worry about. If you live off 192nd in Fisher’s Landing and you want to go to the Farmer’s Market at Esther Short you can be there in 20 minutes. Portlanders east of 205 share no such luck on the weekends.

One may wonder what the point of this traffic exercise is and one’s answer shall be met. I just like to remind us all to count our blessings now and again because we have our share of traffic ties ups and sometimes we want to rage about it. Remember, it’s always worse in Portland 😉

Ah the ‘Couv’ Life; it is good.



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