The Late Glenn Frey said it all in 1984

Yes in fact the opening theme to the movie that made Eddie Murphy a mega star will have a palpable connection to the ‘Couv’ this week. Why? You ask? Well because the ‘Heat is On’ that’s why.

Yes friends there is no doubt you have seen and heard the dire predictions of world ending catastrophic heat. Yes even the National Weather Service is all in on the possibility of FOUR consecutive days at triple digit heat. That is something I have not seen since moving to this location in 2002. In fact you can count on your fingers the number of days I have registered century mark temperatures since 2002. That may end however this week. Yes I might need to use fingers and toes after this week.

Look at this forecast:

Yikes! It’s the apocalypse! Holy exploding fireballs of death, Batman; how will we survive this? I think we will manage but friends dry heat, humid heat, over 100 degrees it’s all BS. Triple digits are hot and those of us in full states Pacific Northwest acclimatization need to be cautious and follow the direction of health professionals and weather experts. Yes it’s about to sizzle.

I wonder how booked up the coast is this week? Emergency beach trip may be in order methinks. here is the beach forecast for Long Beach, WA this week. Ahhh that’s delicious.

I believe that any temperature above 80 degrees is a waster of heat. We are going waste a lot of energy this week. After that snowy winter, we now go the other way. Out of the freezer and into the furnace in 2017. That 105 prediction for Wednesday will fall short of the all time high set back in 2009 when both Portland and Vancouver were in the 108 range. I had 106.1 on that fateful day July 29th, 2009. Of course these heat events can go either way. the prognosticators can be off by several degree in either direction as this kind of heat is pretty darn rare and thus a lot of things have to line up to make it happen. Just like any snow event featuring more than 3 inches around here needs to line up just right as well.

This kind of weather promote the idea of indoor events of the summery kind. Yes seems like an oxymoron but at a buck oh five, I’m stayin’ indoors.

I don’t think we have very many people who will be happy about this week’s weather, but I think these guys will be quite delighted.


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