Eclipse Day in the ‘Couv’

Today is the day the sun got blotted out for about 2-3 minutes by the moon. This is the first total eclipse of the sun inside the USA since 1979. It is also the first time since 1918 that a total eclipse crossed the entire continental USA from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Moon God worshiper’s this was your day 😉

The maximum effect of this event was seen in Salem, Oregon just 65 miles south of Vancouver USA. I was going to make the trek but decided to enjoy our 99.2% blockage from the new Waterfront construction site instead. I didn’t want to have to call this week’s issue the Willamette Life, now did I?

I made my way downtown hoping to get a spot on the 5th floor patio at the Fort Vancouver Main Library but hundreds of peeps were way ahead of me there. So I figured the waterfront construction site would be ideal. I parked near the Port Authority office and noticed immediately the river cruise ship was at port and many people were mulling around the cruise ship dock. I decided to move towards the west end of the new waterfront and found a parking spot in front of one of those great big holes in the ground that will soon be a high-rise building.

The eclipse peaked at around 10:19 and it did get pretty dark, dark enough for the streetlights to come on and the lights in the local office buildings downtown were brighter than the outside for about a minute or so. It was a brief period of relative “dark”.

Those who made the trip an hour south to Salem enjoyed a 100% total eclipse of the sun but they will either have to stay all day or brave a 3 hour ride back in the epic traffic jam of eclipse watchers returning the metro area.

Our beautiful summer provided picture perfect conditions for this event. The sun and moon did dance right through a jet trail that allowed me to get some pictures that looked like it was cloudy.

For about two hours this morning productivity in America’s Vancouver came to an abrupt halt. People were filing out of the office buildings and wandering about looking at the sky as it got darker and darker.

I thought I’d mention that the buildings that will front the river at the new Grant Street Pier are coming along nicely. The exterior facades are being installed already. That will be the focal point of the public park on our exciting new waterfront.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good. Even with only a 99.2% eclipse 🙂

More eclipse pix below…


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