No Labor for me today in the ‘Couv’

Labor Day the last Holiday of Summer is here and after all this heat, maybe we all want a fresh splash of autumn to cool us off. I don’t know, I think I’ll just hang out today and write-up a nice ‘Couv’ Life next week… Nah, I can’t be that lazy, can I?

I guess not. How about all that smokey haze we are seeing from the out of control wildfires in Washington State. The Governor declared a state of emergency now for every county in the Evergreen State including Clark! It is tinder dry and this heat is only drying it out more. Careful is the word of the week. The smoke was thick enough today to blot out the sun like a blanket of overcast.  Saturday night I got a nice shot of the moon in a smokey red haze.

The temperatures have been in the mid to upper nineties this Labor Day weekend and the official prognosticators we figuring on a Monday repeat today. The smoke is so thick however it seems like we may struggle to even hit 90 today. Until this clears out people with asthma or other breathing issues ought to stay indoors. This is like a 1970’s L.A. Smog Alert. It’s thick out there.  That forecast is showing a chance for thunderstorms and I hope we get some rain. That will help the firefighters who are out there risking life and limb to get these things under control.

Today I was buzzing about Esther Short Park and all the music and festivities in going on created a bustling vibe in and around the square.

I decided to take a peek at progress on the waterfront on my way back home. I see another tower crane has been erected and that is a good sign.

Tower cranes represent another large structure is about to rise up and these tall structures tend support a substantial boost to the local economy during and after construction. Here’s to progress in the Original Vancouver.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good… even when it’s smokey.



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