From Hurricanes to Firestorms, My Son has Returned to the ‘Couv’.

picture of forest fire
from KATU news

OK, I’ll admit freely that was an overly dramatic title. But it got your attention anyhow, right? My son has returned on leave from his post in the US Army Base in Folk Polk, Louisiana where they just had a heavy dose of Harvey and now he arrives today at PDX in the aftermath of a ferocious forest fire raging in the gorge.

Hopefully the little bit of rain we got over this weekend will soak it down a bit and help our brave firefighters get a handle on this thing. Winds are shifting back to easterly so we just might get smoked out again for a couple a days. I’d like to see the firefighters on offense so they can get it contained. They think full containment could come by the end of this month.

Hopefully my son and our family can have some Northwest Fun with minimal choke out from that feisty fire in the gorge. But some smoke is a lot better than facing an angry Hurricane like Harvey or the current monster Irma. Regardless of how warm the climate decides to get we will never have to face a hurricane in these parts. Maybe a nasty windstorm or even a random tornado,  but no hurricanes.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those afflicted by these two terrifying storms and to all the displaced families and hardworking firefighters out here in the west battling a pretty rough fire season this year.

picture of restaurant
from the Yelp page for Warehouse 23

On the waterfront here in America’s Vancouver, the Port Authority has submitted their plan for Terminal One. Terminal One is where the Red Lion Hotel at the Quay operated since the early 1960s. That hotel is mostly demolished now and only the “fancy” end near the Interstate Bridge remains. It is currently housing a bar/restaurant called Warehouse 23.

This is supposed to remain in operation as the new waterfront comes online next spring. This is Port of Vancouver real estate which is separate from the old Boise Cascade site where most of the new development will take place.

rendering of future development
From the Port of Vancouver plans

The Port wants to put in a boardwalk type setup with shops and an indoor-outdoor market ala Pike Place in Seattle. The plan is to have a bicycle-walking path that connects both ends of Terminal One to the Columbia Waterfront Trail and the new Trail through the waterfront development right out to the new Grant Street Pier.

Regardless of how you feel about Port Authority control over a traditionally private sector style development, remember the Port could just load and unload ships at Terminal One and that wouldn’t flow well with the rest of the waterfront.  I like this proposal and it will add to the overall value proposition for this ambitious waterfront development that is underway now. The Grant Street Pier will open in the Spring and the tower cranes are a harbinger of major development taking shape now.

aerial rendering of new terminal one project
From the Port of Vancouver Plans

The City of Vancouver has cleared the plan so this thing is going through the permitting process now. Over the next decade we shall bear witness to the transformation of our once industrialized and ugly downtown waterfront. It will evolve into a grand urban live-play space that will be the envy of other riverfront cities around the globe.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.





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