Winter is Coming

Well, it is, right? Winter is coming, if you’ll pardon the Game of Thrones parlance. Today snow is falling at Timberline Lodge and the National Weather service has snow falling in that 5000-6000 foot range all week-long.

Down here in America’s Vancouver we are going to see some drastically chillier conditions compared to last weeks warm and toasty summer weather.

The National Weather Service is calling for highs in the low 60s for most of the week. It is still technically summer until Thursday! But winter is coming… So ominous it is, especially after the snowy events of last winter.

Sure the summer snowfall at Timberline lodge will likely melt under this weekends early autumn sunshine, but the snow is falling now and that serves as firm notice that mother nature is ready for a seasonal change.

Soon we will be bathed in the color of fall with gorgeous hues of red, orange and yellow and later yet a carpet of autumn all over the roadways of the ‘Couv’ as the trees drop their brilliantly painted leaves. Isn’t the change of seasons awesome? Whether you dread the shift away from the warmth of summer or embrace the chilly beginnings of the Autumn season, we should all delight in this heavy soaking that will likely put an end to the horrible fire in the Columbia River Gorge.

Let’s all be sure to soak up the early autumn sunshine that is forecast for this weekend. Snow at Timberline is a herald of autumn and the fall season brings us our famous dark and dreary conditions.  So enjoy the cool respite from the hot summer and the mild sunshine coming later in the week, because winter is coming…

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.


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