There are a lot of Oregon Ducks Here!

By “Ducks” I mean University of Oregon “Ducks” fans. Both of Oregon’s Pac 12 schools are located within 100 miles of Portland and as such nearly as close to the ‘Couv’ In fact both Oregon and Oregon State are closer than either of Washington’s Pac 12 Colleges. UW and Wazzu which are 168 and 352 miles away respectively.

I have oft opined about the conveniences of our proximity to a major city, you know ‘ole’ whats-er-face… um… yeah, Portland 😉 But we are also bombarded with Oregon this and Oregon that. Yes it can wear a bit thin on the psyche at times, right? Hey we are in Washington State over here!

Well let me say this, whether you are a fan of U of O or not, you ought to experience a football game at Autzen at least once. That place is crazy. My wonderful friend, Eric is a season ticket holder, a legit dyed in green and yellow fan. He has invited me on a few occasions to witness the spectacle that is Duck Football.

They really put on a show. The 55,000 Duck fans make as much noise as they do in ‘The Big House’ of Michigan which is twice the size of Autzen, holding some 110,000 fans. I know this blog is called, “The ‘Couv’ Life” but let’s face it, you will see more Oregon Ducks sports gear in our stores than you do WSU or UW.  Anyone looking for a big time college football experience ought to take in a game at Autzen. Even if your favorite team is somewhere else go see them when they visit Eugene, you won’t regret it. As a note of caution, should your Alma Matter or favorite school happen to be the University of Washington, leave the purple swag at home 😉

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good, even on the road 🙂


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