Winter is Six Weeks away, The season however is Now.

Big Sister Seattle got some sticking snow over the weekend to officially start the winter season. It was patchy and fleeting but there none-the-less. We just got some chilly rain here in the ‘Couv ‘ but our fellow Clark County residents up in the Cascade foothills can tell a different tale. A winter tale of snowflakes and snowmen.

Snoqualamie Pass on Interstate 90 was closed for a time over the weekend as well. Very wintry weather for so early in the season, but not unprecedented. Generally our winter season runs from Nov. 1st through the end of March and at least from the standpoint of snow that is the date range that catches 99% of the annual snow that gets down to sea level. Sticking snow down in the ‘Couv’ in November is not really common. In fact the last time I had any in November was three years ago when a dusting of an inch came mid-month. The most I ever had in November was a slushy wet 3 inches back in 2003 and that only stuck around for a day. November isn’t really a cold month. It is usually more of a wet month. I wonder what’s in store for us this year?

Will we have another white winter? Probably not if history tells us anything. We usually don’t get back to back winters with large snowfall totals. Large for us being over 10 inches on the valley floors. The closest I ever got was when 9.4 inches fell in 2010-11 and the following season yielded 14.05.

Who knows what winter will bring, for now let’s just sit back and enjoy the crisp and colorful fall season.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.


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