How About that Port Election?

Ok no hard core politics on this blog. But how often is a Port Commission election as significant and politically heated as we had this time round? Most of the controversy was surrounding the Oil Terminal Lease for the Port of Vancouver that was to provide the largest oil export terminal in the USA. A great deal of rhetoric was tossed around most of which was likely puffed up BS on both sides. In the end Clark County elected Don Orange, a guy who was openly opposed to the oil terminal lease. It is highly likely that his vote will sway the commission to eliminate the agreement. I wonder how much that will cost us taxpayers? I’d image the oil company will get some kind of settlement for the Port bailing out of the deal. But clearly a large majority went for the guy billed as the oil lease terminator.

The bottom line is that it should not have any effect on the fabulous waterfront project going up now. I am not sure how it will effect the plans that the Port of Vancouver has for Terminal One (the old Red Lion at the Quay site). The city recently approved the plans to make a “Pike Place” style public market on the pier that once housed the Red Lion Hotel. I have not hidden my support for the project that Gramor is building on the new waterfront and the Public Market idea at Terminal One.

Now that all this political tit for tat and whether oil is good versus oil is bad seems to be resolved by this contentious Port Commission election, can we just move forward filling that spot at the port with a big employer that pays well? How about working on that commissioners?

Ah the ‘Couv’ life it is good, and we have a great port too. 


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