Thanksgiving Week is More than Turkey

Wow, here we are again at Thanksgiving. Another year is settling into the ether of history and this is the week we all try to gather together, family and friends flung far and wide, back home again for a big meal, socializing, maybe some football, and hopefully some serious reflections about things to be thankful for.

When most of us honestly thinks about all that we have whether we are struggling a bit to make it all work or whether we feel like we are on top of the world, we always should be thankful things are as good as they are. In nearly every case it could be worse… much worse.

There are those among us however who truly are in dire straights. This is a time that the wonderful people in the community at local charities and agencies reach out to all of us for donations to aid those truly struggling to survive.

This is a great time to forget about politics and the divisive tone of almost everything going on, and offer up your time or money, perhaps some of both and give back the community that gives so much to all of us.

Here in America’s Vancouver we have much to be grateful for. I flew down to the Bay Area for the Fall PhotoFair and what a seasonal contrast. Here in the ‘Couv’ we still have a gorgeous palette of autumn painted all across the landscape from Downtown Portland across the river and the whole of Vancouver USA stretching up and into the mighty Cascades. So seasonally gorgeous. Later the plane began its approach to Oakland International the hills were brown and sickly with sparse outcroppings of dull trees. Sure the temperature was 15 degrees warmer, but so what. It’s late November, ought be getting chilly by now, right?

It was better than 60 degrees outside and everyone down there was bundled up like a snow storm was coming. I’ll take our four seasons over their wet and dry any day. Sure our winter is a little light on snowfall most of the time but we do get four distinct seasons and this time of year I am sure glad to be here 🙂

Ah, the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.


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