Chillin’ in the ‘Couv’

This fall season has been a bit light on cold weather but the last few days have brought a little chill typical of December and the holiday season. The trade-off for the nippy mornings has been brilliant sunshine sustained across multiple days. That is always a warm welcome in the typically gray late autumn weeks.

Winter however is right around the proverbial corner with just 10 days till the solstice. That sun is hanging low and struggles to warm us from the low twenties too much above 40 degrees. Somehow it feels warm when the rays of sunshine strike your skin, 42 and sunny is warmer than 48 and raining, somehow, some way.

This dawn of winter isn’t breaking any records my friends, just the typical cold associated with those uncommon clear nights. The holidays just aren’t the holidays when it is unseasonably warm, so I welcome a frosty morn and a cool afternoon.

The National Weather Service in Portland seems to think this weather pattern will continue for most of this week. This is great shopping weather. Nice and cool with that nice bit of winter crispness. No rain or even snow to soak you down as you meander through all the stores looking for that elusive ‘whatchamacallit’ that so and so wants under the tree.

I recommend pulling the convertible out of the garage and soaking up the rays while you can… better run the heater on full tilt it’s a bit chilly out there 😉

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good, and the Holidays are better here too.


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