Happy Holidays!

I don’t know if I will have a post next Monday as that is in fact Christmas Day, I may prep one up in advance but should I not get it done, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Vancouver. Did you get out to see the Christmas Ships on the Columbia? Take advantage of the Holiday spirit on first Friday a couple of weeks back?

I hope so, the ‘Couv’ is alive with spirit at the holidays. It looks like we are in for the more typical “green” Christmas this time. No matter how much you play Bing Crosby’s timeless Christmas song, even if you sing along… I don’t think the flakes will fly before Santa hits your rooftop. That said, this latest bit of showery weather is going to clear out mid-week and give way to some clear and chilly weather leading into Christmas weekend. The gang over at the National Weather service is calling for nippy nights in the low 20s and chilly afternoons barely poking up above freezing. Should a wayward cloud float through some could see flurries on Christmas.

What are you doing? Are you holding your breath? Don’t do that, I think it will be a green Christmas maybe with a nice thick layer of frost on the lawn. That’s about it methinks.

snowy street with snow sign Merry Christmas
NE Ward Road at NE 78th, Christmas Eve, 2008

Of course I need not remind you veterans of the ‘Couv’ that the weather guys are often very inaccurate beyond 48 hours. Anything further out than that is like an NFL kicker trying to nail down a 70 yard field goal in the wind, they will probably miss. But I’ll remind you anyway, here is Christmas 2008 when the weather gurus were calling for Holiday rain.


Ahh, the ‘Couv’ life; it is good, even when it’s chilly and Christmas is green.



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