Busy start to 2018

OK, this post is going to suffer from some optical issues, optics that will make me look lazy. Well, more lazy than normal at least 😉 Yes, I have been super busy of late and haven’t had time to research topics for the blog this week. Although I do have a fair number of readers on this blog that is rapidly approaching its 5th birthday. I don’t get that fat ad revenue to quit the day job. Holy cow, yes the spring of 2013 was the start of the ‘Couv’ Life, yikes! Any way, pressing matters such as paying for all those Christmas expenses and hunkering down for the giant punch in the face the IRS will hand me after a solid 2017, I must reach into the archives and pull out content for this week’s post.

Back in the spring of 2013 I wrote about the oddity that is Columbia River Bridge Syndrome, suffered by Portlanders and ‘Couvites’ alike. I always liked that post and have made numerous references to it over the years. Here it is again for those of you that missed it.


Ah, the ‘Couv’ life; it’s still good.


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