Buildings Worth Saving Forever

Here is a list of buildings I think should be saved for posterity. So much of Vancouver’s amazing history was bulldozed in the 1960s and 70s in the name of “progress” and that is a sin for which we must atone in this town, by preserving what’s left of our great historical structures. This is an evolving list I encourage anyone to leave a comment adding a building I have yet to canvas. This is a list for Vancouver only, I am not considering other wonderful structures elsewhere in Clark County like the amazing Grist Mill up near Woodland or some of Camas and Ridgefield’s historic buildings. Those obviously are equally important but his blog is called “The ‘Couv’ Life”  😉 Many of these buildings have been added to the National Register of Historic Places as wells as our local Clark County Heritage Register.

  • The Academy Building 1873 *NRHP 1978
  • The Academy Chimney, 1909 demolished in 2022 😦
  • The Slocum House 1878 *NRHP 1973
  • Proto Cathedral of St James the Greater, 1885 *NRHP 1986
  • Any Victorian, Queen Ann, or other 19th century houses in Esther Short, Hough, Arnada, Shumway, and Carter Park.
  • Hidden Houses *NRHP 1978
  • Clark County History Musuem (Carnegie Library) 1909 *NRHP 1982
  • Webber Building, 1909 in the crosshairs of the new waterfront gateway 😦
  • Washington State School for the Blind, 1911 *NRHP 1993
  • The Elks Building, 1911 *NRHP 1983
  • The Heritage Building (Former National Bank), 1912 *NRHP 1988
  • New Heights Church, 1912 building was demolished in 2020 😦
  • The Franklin Building, 1915
  • Main Post Office, Daniels Street, 1916 *NRHP 1991
  • Evergreen Hotel, 1924 *NRHP 1979
  • Compass Church (First Christian Church), 1925
  • The Arts Building, 1928
  • Every art deco structure in the city. OK that’s my fetish 🙂
  • Vancouver Telephone Building, 1934 *NRHP 1986
  • Kiggin’s Theater, 1936 *NRHP 2012
  • Clark County Courthouse, 1941
  • Every building on Main Street built prior to 1950
  • Smith Tower, 1966