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I hear a Symphony

From VSO website

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is about to wrap up its 40th season. A recent article in the Columbian has reported that local Murdock Charitable Trust recently presented the symphony with a large grant of more than $200,000 to help develop better philanthropic support.

Before the great recession the city had some grand plans for block ten that included a performing arts center. Remember that? It was a good idea really. Well I think it is still a good idea, but perhaps over at the former Carr Dealership lot near the wonderful Fort Vancouver Library.

Former proposal for Block Ten

A performing arts theater would be great for the local stage companies as well as the VSO. Perhaps the grant to VSO will help them become a better funded non-profit and bring more demand and awareness for classical music. I think the auditorium they build should have at least 2000 seats.

The economy is booming and now is the time to muster support for a performing arts facility in the Downtown area. Vancouver’s Downtown and the new expansion at the waterfront are bringing thousands of people into the area. It is during these economic expansions that the philanthropic cash starts to flow. It is also during these times that business money flows and Vancouver USA needs to clamp down on as much as it can while the getting is good.

Ah the ‘Couv’ life; it is good.


Six to Sunset in the Park

Photo from the Vancouver Symphony Facebook Page

The City of Vancouver and Riverview Bank present a series of concerts in Esther Short Park every Thursday evening for a month during the ‘dog days’ of summer. There is a variety of great music every week. Last Thursday was the Vancouver Symphony.  Info on the event(s) is available here. 

It matters not whether your musical preference is country, rock-n-roll, rap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary pop, whatever… Classical music will stir your soul to the very center of your being. There is something magical about 50 or 60 musicians playing a complex blend of music in harmonious unity.

Some of the classical music experienced in these types of concerts were composed some 300 years ago by the likes of John Sebastian Bach, Thomas Arne, and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. The musical universe came to an amazing crescendo in the late 18th century and continued through the whole of the 19th century as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Lugwig van Beethoven, Johann Brahms, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Frédéric François Chopin produced music that would span the ages. Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff would come late in the order and lived all the way to 1943. This was the classical period and this is when the most spectacular and deeply moving music ever created on Earth was born.

If you allow the music to overwhelm your senses it can bring even a lion-hearted soul to tears. Fear not, for they will be tears of joy. This is why Mozart has 350,000 followers on Spotify despite being dead for 225 years!

Ideally this type of music should be experienced in a fine concert hall with proper acoustics. The subtleties of these masterpiece compositions are amazing and your mind must work to hear every nuance. Classical music might just make you smarter 🙂

If you missed the concert in the Park, worry not the Vancouver Symphony has a whole series of wonderful presentations with very fair pricing. The complete schedule can be found right here.

I would invite you all to visit Esther Short Park this Thursday Evening for the swan song of the 2015 Six to Sunset series which will feature Soul Vaccination. It’s absolutely free and will stir your spirit.