Wineries / Tasting Rooms

Vancouver may be better known for beer, but it has become quite the wine tasting spot. There are eight wineries offering tasting room / restaurants on the new Waterfront alone with two more opening in 2022. That sits atop a growing list of wine tasting spots in the Downtown and Uptown areas.


  • Maryhill Winery (tasting room, bistro)
  • Pepper Ridge winery (tasting room)
  • Amavi Cellars (tasting room)
  • Airfield Estates (tasting room)
  • Barnard Griffin Winery (tasting room)
  • Brian Carter Cellars (tasting room)
  • Evoke formerly Naked Winery (tasting room, 2022)
  • Valo Cellars (tasting room)
  • Massalto Winery (tasting room)
  • Willamette Valley Vineyards (tasting room/restaurant 2022)

Downtown / Uptown:

  • Burnt Bridge Cellars (urban winery)
  • Cellar 55 (tasting room)
  • Koi Pond Cellars (tasting room, bistro)
  • SuLei Cellars (tasting room)
  • Niche Wine Bar (tasting room)
  • La Bottega (wine shop, cafĂ©, deli)


  • English Estate Winery (urban winery, vineyards)
  • Evergreen Wine Cellar (tasting room)
  • Pacific Northwest Wine Co. (wine shop)
  • Flume Winery (urban winery, tasting room soon)